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Why Would You Start uKids In A Pandemic??

Good question...

Well having started my first business, uSports, at a difficult time in my life I had the confidence in myself to make this business work. Starting a childcare based company has been something I have been interested in for a few years now and having built uSports to become a well recognised and trusted sports provider in the community we are in a position to use our current contacts to help grow and build uKids successfully.

Some of my favourite memories of work before I started uSports would be the hours spent at holiday camps helping children have amazing days in the summer. Helping them build friendships, increase their confidence and most of all seeing them have fun. I don't know what it is but I just get such a buzz about seeing children playing, having fun and making memories. uKids allows us to grow on the impact we have already made by helping more children lead active healthy lifestyles.

Why don't you just do it all under uSports?

As much as we would be able to legally run childcare under uSports, uKids creates a clear division between the two. We didn't want to be the sports coaching company that also does a bit of arts and crafts on the side! uKids has been built to allow schools and parents the opportunity to use a specialised team that are focused on providing, safe and enjoyable breakfast, after school and holiday clubs for their children.

What will uKids do?

Breakfast Clubs - Breakfast clubs are a great start to the day with opportunities for some organised, chilled activities coupled with a healthy breakfast your child will be raring to go for a fun day of school!

After School Clubs - After school clubs will be planned out with fun activities, free play and and tasty tea. Your children will be entertained with a variety of options available at any one time to help every child stay engaged and entertained before they head home.

Holiday Clubs - No two days will ever be quite the same at our camps! Children will always have a minimum of two activities to choose from at any point throughout the day and the hardest part will be choosing which to do! Our planning is child led and the manager at your specific venue will make sure to include activities which your children love through fun themed days.

Are you offering anything yet?

With the current climate we don't have any activities running as yet, however, we do expect to have at least one Holiday Camp and having spoken to some of our partnered schools already, we know that the demand is there for what we are offering. In the mean time, please do follow our Instagram page for updates on how we progress with uKids!

What excites you about starting another business?

I have loved entrepreneurship and business from a young age. I think it is incredibly rewarding being able to start something from nothing and build it up to a point where you are able to provide jobs and improve the quality of a provision locally. I'm really excited for the future with uKids and I can't wait to see how our new venture progresses.

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