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Breakfast and Afterschool Clubs

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Wraparound childcare clubs to provide a safe and enriching environment for children of busy parents!

Providing a great opportunity to add in those extra activities before and after school. The extended day support offers a comprehensive programme to nurture children to help them achieve their full potential.

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Breakfast clubs are a great start to the day with opportunities for some organised, chilled activities coupled with a healthy breakfast your child will be raring to go for a fun day of school! 

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After school clubs will be planned out with fun activities, free play and and tasty tea. Your children will be entertained with a variety of options available at any one time to help every child stay engaged and entertained before they head home.

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Healthy and Tasty Food

Food options in breakfast and after school clubs will give children a healthy energy boost. Prepared by food hygiene qualified staff.

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Social Skills

Staff will encourage children to interact in a safe social learning environment. Providing plenty of opportunities to encourage cooperation and interaction.

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Free Choice Opportunities

Children can take ownership over their leisure time by having free choice over which organised and free play activities to take part in.

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Encouraging Active Living

We plan to get every child active for at least 30 minutes every afternoon to help them reach their recommended 60 minutes of activity per day. Every school must make sure children are active in school hours for 30 minutes so this will fill up your child's daily recommendation! All while having fun with their peers!

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Providing A 

Safe Space

Keeping your child safe is our priority. We plan everything with safety in mind but should there be any little falls and bumps, rest assured you will know about it and qualified trained staff will be there to help. All of our staff are also trained in safeguarding, how to support children and have a clear DBS check.

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